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Having your feet worshiped by your sissy maid is a great way to relax but making your sissy does it properly is another thing.This is why we have to train the maids to be able to do it properly and that can mean long sessions of understanding whereto begin when it comes to rubbing, massaging and playing with hot sexy feet.

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Slaves love their owners feet having the ability to lick them and suck the toes and to show just how much they adore their owner can be a real way of natural submission. This is why we like to be sure that they are trained properly in the art of foot and ankle worship , with sucking licking and rubbing .When a mistress then decides to push her foot in their mouth and demand they suck it better it but they know they must continue with their task at hand. This is why we strongly ensure they know where to start when it comes to the whole sissy foot worship.

From the sexy toes to the arched ankles and sweaty soles all sissies enjoy rubbing their goddess’s feet, making sure they cover every single inch of them and rubbing creams, lotions and soaps all over them. These Strict Mistresses really do enjoy the fact that you adore them so much that you will do anything for them and that includes the rubbing and licking of their footsies.

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Get ready to meet some of our top Mistresses who are ready to dominate and train you in an online session in our webcam rooms, they will slowly slide down their pantyhose and wriggle out of them and present their foot to you in the camera, describing in detail what they want you to do with them, as they suck them them and lick them in front of you, they never hold back as they instruct you and make demands  of you. Discussing foot jobs and owner ships as well as slave contracts and power control.

There is no escape when it comes to  online bdsm cam training, with the  most amazing Mistresses waiting to show you how manipulative and scary they can be as they dominate and humiliate you in a live session.

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This is just the beginning and when they have you where they want you,  they will never let go, they make sure they milk you for everything, as they know the poor of they feet make it difficult for you to resist them. They know you are addicted to the feet and that you can not help yourself and that you need to continue with the worship and admiration.

Your cock slid between their feet as they slide it up and down slowly, spitting on their feet to make them wet and slidy and then demanding the sissy slut to continue with the the worship and addiction.

These are just a small part of the online training and in a live session you will soon find out just how much further these women will go to get what they want and when they want it.

Ready to watch the very best cam Mistresses Online as they use their feet to dominate and control you on webcam? Enter into the cruel Mistress chat rooms and see just how ruthless these women can be. From spanking and caning to severe corporal punishments these females know exactly what buttons to press to make their slaves and sissy girls jump through hoops for them.

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Bdsm webcam training is available to those slaves who now know the time has come for them to be put in their place. Strict female domination from sadistic females who enjoy being in charge at all times. If you are ready to be torn apart by ladies who enjoy every aspect of torture, denial and bondage then you have found the right place. The female domination cams  at  have one thing that they have on their mind and that is to get their weak slaves naked, vulnerable and ready to submit to their owners at all times.

Are you ready slave?

Ready to be on a slave contract?

Ready to be owned by strict Mistresses?

Ready to be told what to do?

Well  understand one thing, women are the superior sex and what they say goes at all times, you are the submissive male that will jump through hoops to be close to your online mistress and that includes  her allowing you into her temple of slaves


Get ready to meet our strict females at sexvpfemdoms and sexvpbdsm each one of them is standing with a whip, cuffs and masks to show you exactly who is in charge right now. Get ready to be torn apart bit by bit in these live video chat shows.

No matter what type of slave you are we have something for everyone, everyones tastes are different and that is why our site is so good as we truly have a niche to suit what ever fetish or desire click here to watch lauras sexy feet cams  viewing hot ankles, toes and arches on sexy females is always a turn on for any fetishist but our live webcams are full of women with painted toe nails from horny milfsfeet to strict Mistress online boots and nylons. Coupled with sex long legs and high heels. This is more than enough to make any guy drool and then come back for more again.

Spectacular femdoms wearing strict fetish clothing towering over you telling you just how pathetic you really have become, be prepared to be  torn a new one with the verbal assault these women will dish out at you.

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View many bdsm Mistresses over at sites like femdom cams world where they are always waiting to train sissy bitches and pathetic weak slaves in an online cam show. How pathetic are you? How weak are you? Your Online Mistresses are waiting to make your life a living hell, to steal your heart and soul and leave you with nothing

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So it’s time to be dominated by some strict no nonsense women who love nothing more than to make that life of your’s a misery? Well you have found the right place as this blog post is all about   there is just so many different types of areas within bdsm it is such a huge area and i will discuss briefly a little about it as it is a question that is asked a lot.

Its about a dominant over someone weaker so if you like the idea of a strict woman or a bossy female controlling you and telling you what to do in you’r life  and within in you’re sexual life then you have found the right place.

Live domination cams and live humiliation cams are one of the most popular areas online, women love to dominate men and to watch them crumble beneath us as we laugh at them  is a huge turn on to the female superior. The same with humiliation to make a weak sub do some humiliating things for us live on cam is highly amusing and entertaining and us female superiors love to direct and degrade useless men like you.Don’t forget to check out or

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Fetishes also falls under the bdsm umbrella so if you do enjoy fetishes you can check out our and see for yourself how many amazing female superiors are online willing and ready to carry out any fetish request you may have. From nail fetish, to leg fetish to hairy fetish and so much more you will find everything you need on these live webcam chat feeds,We have many femdom cam chat rooms available for you to pursue and once you have visited once you will be back time and again. These women have you hanging by the balls every time. There is no escape and no way to get away from under the clutches of these evil dommes. I have tried to break free many times but the superior female always wins over the little weak slave loser.

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The online bdsm webcam girls love to dress up in latex and rubber as well as leather and thigh high boots and stand holding a cane over you dictating what you should do and how you have become their little sex slave their puppet on a string. So if you are ready for live bdsm webcam online from strict female mistresses then get naked and on your hands and knees and ready to submit tight now.

You could get ready to be humiliated live at our online sites where ladies take great pleasure in laughing and degrading you. They love sissy girls and dressing up little whores . Are you a little cock sucker? Do you need to be trained right now? Its time for some live public humiliation  these strict your femdom cams

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If you are the weak submissive  loser who is sitting right now thinking it is time someone else controlled your pathetic existance, then you have found the right  female domiantion blog. Our strict mistresses love nothing more than degrading weeping fools like you! Over at our sister site  we have hundreds of ladies waiting to tear you a new one.

They love to listen to you weep and squeal as they dish out their punishments to you. Perhaps you need spanked, or whipped or made to dress up in your girlfriends panties and bra. Perhaps you need to be blackmailed and trained via team viewer. No matter the scenario our Mistresses will not hold back when they are abusing and degrading you.

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Perhaps it’s time for that little penis of yours to be laughed at and abused. They love to torture and degrade little dick losers like you our strict dominatrixes over at will show you exactly what they like to do with little dicks. The question is can you handle it?

Bring your measuring tape and some cotton buds and a bright red lipstick as we have some fun with your little excuse for manhood. Your a loser and you know it.

Get to your hands and knees and crawl right into her live room and show her what a pathetic little wanker you  really are.

Tell her how no woman would ever take you serious because of your lack of man hood.


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All guys like a woman to take control. Come on,be honest. What guy DOESNT like it when a woman takes control in the bedroom and calls all the shots? Even the most macho guy in the world likes it. But for some guys it extends past just bedroom fun. Some guys like a strong woman to take control over their whole life.


missnikkiBut its not easy to try to bring BDSM into a relationship. Sure,all couples eventually ask each other what they want in the bedroom. But saying “Id love you to dress up as a nurse” is easier to say than “Id like you to dress me up like a sissy and laugh at my small cock” isnt it! So submissive guys go looking on the internet. And the best place to get domination without going to see a real time Mistress is on live webcam. There are literally hundreds of girls and women online who are all naturally dominant and live for the joy they get excerting their power over weak willed men.Over at you will find many strict females wiating


So rather than try telling their wife about their sub fantasies or visit a real time Mistress,lots of guys will log on to a cam site and tell the Domme all their fantasies and what turns them on.Its a lot easier as she is available for just this sort of thing,and she will have no inhibitions. No matter how kinky or dirty you might think your fantasy is,she will have heard much MUCH worse!


This way of doing it allows you to get your submissive fantasies “itched” and it allows you to get your kicks safely and easily. So if you are a sub guy looking to get controlled by a strong,powerful woman,dont tell your wife your fantasies. tell these women here and they will take your desires and mould them into a mind blowing session that will match the fantasy. They are all welcoming and accomadating and will push your limits to the very brink to make sure you get the very best experience available.


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We all want to see these lucious babes strip off on live chat for us. After all it is great to be able to wank and watch and  no one ever find out that you indeed enjoy hangingout with online tranny girls. This is why we offer the best places to check them put online live and for free. You can watch just about any  online now a days, and with so many different websites to select from it can seem like a maze sometimes. We offer the very best in these types of sites so you can hang out and  have all of your fetish needs met with some of the best in online porn star trannies.

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We like to focus on what we believe to be the very best in online webcam sessions, with chicks who love to wank hard for you as well as cumming lal over the place for you. So what is not to like about that? These online live naked crossdresser chat babes love nothing more than tease games as well as all things femdom. You can choose from hundreds of thousands of online models all waiting and ready right now to get you off.

They just love the thought of watching you masturbate for them and to see just how excited it gets you  when you see them tug hard for you at the same time.

Select one of our babes right now and see for  yourself why  we have so many guys come back time and again to watch our  live and unlimited rooms

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Ready to be dominated by strict women who just want  nothing more but to see you suffer? It it  is time to get naked slave and time to obey what ever Mistress says. Your job is to serve and to serve well. If you take  a look at the instructions at

You will see straight away that these online Mistresses take no nonsense from weak pathetic useless little twerps like you.

Gather the items that Mistress instructs and get ready to beg her to stop penetrating that whore ass of yours. Yes your ass is their for us to abuse as is your little willy and balls but you have no say we can do as we want when we want all you have to do is obey. as that is your job loser.

So get naked, stand to attention for these live femdom chats. They wont mess around they get straight to giving the order, they watch as you beg for mercy. You see they do not care about your issues your problems or even your boundries. These women are ruthless and the sooner you come to see that the better.

They wil bend you over and spank that ass hard with their bare hands, they will take a whip to you and a flogger to you and watch as you crawl around the floor begging them to stop. They wont because you are useless! You mean nothing. So enter now into live femdom chats and see for yourself what they may have in store for a pathetic sub like you|? Some of these women are mistresses if you are ready for a  then look no further loser.

From humiliation to flogging and free chat with instructions. Perhaps you need a chastity  device pushed on you as you get to excited, maybe you need more training from women who do not give a shit about you or your problems. These live femdoms do not care. You are their toys to play with now and your job is to make them happy at all times.

Got it loser??

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The best online tgirls are hard to find because they are all so damn sexy. But SarahDollXxX is way out there on a league of her own.


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Sarahdollxxx is a live shemale who is available right now for cam chat action. I have partaken in lots of webcam sex action over the years but she is by far one of my favourites. Sh is a 32 year old  from I think Vietnam. She has a body to die for and a huge cock just waiting for you to suck and wank. Her monster 10 inches is ripe and ready and waiting for you now. She is also blessed with a fantastic pair of 38C shemale tits that you could play with all night1

If you want hardcore tgirl chat action then give sarahdollxxx a try.


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Hello there and today i want to discuss those shemale who love to self suck. Yes shemale self suck is often searched for online because, well let’s face it it is horny to watch and look at and how amazing it would be if all guys could self suck.

I have been a huge fan of shemale self suck for many years and tend to find myself in these particular chat rooms as i just love to watch how they do it. Well now you can see them do it and live at the. You are honestly spoiled for choice when watching these amazing shemale self sucks, they blow my mind and then some and have me coming back for more and more every time. The size of some of their cocks is just incredible as well as horny as hell.

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This gorgeous transgender webcam model can really take that cock all the way down the back of her throat and you can tell just how much she loves it. She gags on it and swallows as well infact she will do just about anything at all you ask of her. She always blows my mind in more ways than one wehsn she starts sucking herself off like that and as you can see she has a huge package to tease us with and she enjoys every second of teasing us.

She is live round the clock and she is always available to chat to you on live webcam chat if you are looking for that. I have spent a few times in her live chat room and every time she offers something different and she has had another tranny friend with her so i got so see them have hardcore sex on live webcam which  was amazing. They both then decided it was time to dominate me and i have to admit i loved every minute of the live domination by these shemale self suck webcam chat hosts.


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There are plenty of guys out there who,although they are into a bit of femdom,they really are not that interested in the actual participation. They would rather just sit and chat about the things that turn them on without actually having to act them out. And that is where the beauty of the internet really takes off. Because if you go to almost any adult webcam site,you will find a bdsm section. And in this section you can find dozens of online dommes and live mistresses who will be more than happy to sit and discuss with you any kind of bdsm acts you want. From some light tease and denial to some more hardcore cock and ball torture and from sissy dressing to full on forced bi sexuality,no matter the subject matter(as long as its legal of course!) there are mistresses and fetish experts on the sites who will be able to cover all bdsm acts in as little or as much detail as you might want.

bdsm cam chat,live femdom cams,online mistress webcamI myself fall into this category. I like to talk about cock and ball torture and forced bisexuality. But I have absolutely NO intention of ever sucking another mans cock. Nor do I ever intend to squeeze my balls in a vice. But I like to talk about it and this turns me on even more than the act itself ever would. The site I use is called  as I find this site has the best mistresses who actually listen to what i say to them about what turns on and they know exactly what to say to me. This is incredibly important as with a bdsm cam chat it is all about being able to picture the scene,to feel and almost taste the atmosphere.

It is important that you choose an online mistress who understands the importance of thelive cock and ball torture,online cbt,bdsm webcams spoken word. A real time dominatrix in a dungeon can perform cock and ball torture no problem. For guys into this they get off on the pain so it really is not that hard to give them their kicks. But for an online mistress,she has to create the scene in someones head via a webcam and if you can have a bdsm cam chat session where you are taken to a different place by the gorgeous woman on the other end,then my friends you are onto a winner