Crossdressing & Feminization

Crossdressing and feminization is something that has been happening from the dawn of time and is heavily incorporated within the femdom and bdsm community.


Crossdressing is something that has been happening almost forever and for something so readily accepted and often found hilarious for purposes such as pantomimes and comedy sketches, for men who feel the urge to dress up as a woman they live in a constant stat of fear. The fear of being exposed as a transvestite. A But why,in a so called new age society,do we find it funny when a comedian dresses up as a woman,for example in mrs browns boys,a comedy on bbc television,yet if someone has an urge inside them to dress in women’s clothing they are mocked as “sick” or “weird”? Some men don’t even know why they want to dress up in female clothes. I have read of one man who said this desire was from when he was younger his two older sisters used to force female clothes on him when their parents went out. This made the desire to be forced into femininity grow in him which he continued to seek in adulthood. But crossdressing comes in a few different forms and stages. This can be as simple as wearing nothing more than a pair of women’s panties and a bra stuffed with socks or suspenders and stockings. But sometimes the need is so strong,so powerful that they need to progress fully into womanhood and will go so far as to wear female wigs and dresses,right down to high heel shoes,full make up and painted toenails. Some men don’t like to admit to enjoying crossdressing and feel guilty and ashamed. That is why its so heavily popular in the bdsm and femdom community,as its easier for the man to get his “kink” for one big reason. Although he requests this from the online mistress or real time dominatrix,he can release himself from the guilt because “she made me do it. I had no choice”. It is that hand over of power to the dominatrix that attracts men to femdom in the first place but for crossdressers it is the ability to place them wishing to dress as a woman in the hands of someone else. Some want to be humiliated because they are dressed as a woman,some want to be treated like a slut and “pimped out” and some just want to dress as a lady and spend some time with another human being while dressed. A properly skilled dominatrix will spend time listening to these men and what they want and adjust the session accordingly. Whatever the reason,being a transvestite or crossdresser is nothing to be ashamed of. We all have kinks in life,every one of us. Its human nature. There really is no reason to be hidden away or ashamed. For goodness sake,you only need to go to  site and see men,or “shemales”,who have undergone surgery to make themselves feminine. This is how far and extreme the world of feminisation delves.

So for all those out there who just love to be feminized are in into the  crossdressing side and want to chat to others who are also into transformations then be sure to check out our site full of advice and information for