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Having your feet worshiped by your sissy maid is a great way to relax but making your sissy does it properly is another thing.This is why we have to train the maids to be able to do it properly and that can mean long sessions of understanding whereto begin when it comes to rubbing, massaging and playing with hot sexy feet.

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Slaves love their owners feet having the ability to lick them and suck the toes and to show just how much they adore their owner can be a real way of natural submission. This is why we like to be sure that they are trained properly in the art of foot and ankle worship , with sucking licking and rubbing .When a mistress then decides to push her foot in their mouth and demand they suck it better it but they know they must continue with their task at hand. This is why we strongly ensure they know where to start when it comes to the whole sissy foot worship.

From the sexy toes to the arched ankles and sweaty soles all sissies enjoy rubbing their goddess’s feet, making sure they cover every single inch of them and rubbing creams, lotions and soaps all over them. These Strict Mistresses really do enjoy the fact that you adore them so much that you will do anything for them and that includes the rubbing and licking of their footsies.

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Get ready to meet some of our top Mistresses who are ready to dominate and train you in an online session in our webcam rooms, they will slowly slide down their pantyhose and wriggle out of them and present their foot to you in the camera, describing in detail what they want you to do with them, as they suck them them and lick them in front of you, they never hold back as they instruct you and make demands  of you. Discussing foot jobs and owner ships as well as slave contracts and power control.

There is no escape when it comes to  online bdsm cam training, with the  most amazing Mistresses waiting to show you how manipulative and scary they can be as they dominate and humiliate you in a live session.

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This is just the beginning and when they have you where they want you,  they will never let go, they make sure they milk you for everything, as they know the poor of they feet make it difficult for you to resist them. They know you are addicted to the feet and that you can not help yourself and that you need to continue with the worship and admiration.

Your cock slid between their feet as they slide it up and down slowly, spitting on their feet to make them wet and slidy and then demanding the sissy slut to continue with the the worship and addiction.

These are just a small part of the online training and in a live session you will soon find out just how much further these women will go to get what they want and when they want it.

Ready to watch the very best cam Mistresses Online as they use their feet to dominate and control you on webcam? Enter into the cruel Mistress chat rooms and see just how ruthless these women can be. From spanking and caning to severe corporal punishments these females know exactly what buttons to press to make their slaves and sissy girls jump through hoops for them.