Asian Crossdressers

Have a fetish about Asian Crossdressers? Then be sure to read this blog post all about my favourite topic yes you guessed right all about them. Lets face it there is something really sexy about Asian Crossdressers and i am here right now to discuss my fetish of them. I just love how sexy they look all dressed up as ladies and how hot they make me feel when i hang out with them. Some people would say Asian tgirls or Asian ladyboys and some will call them Asian crossdresers i tend to know them more as ladyboys or Tgirls as crossdressers usually do not look as feminine they usually just enjoy dressing up in females clothes and parading around the place  where as ladyboys and tgirls tend to take hormone tablets to give them more feminine features including that of nice big juicy tits. So now that i have got that out the way i thought we could chat about how popular this subject is. So many men now a days just love to get dressed up as women and to be treated like women and it has become so popular there is live inetractive webcams about it, tube sites and the search volume for the words “tgirls and sheboys” almost goes through the roof.

WHY? Well People are curious!

  1. People look for something a little different
  2. People have a need to experiment
  3. People have a fetish
  4. Its kinky
  5. Its fun
  6. Variety in the sex life
  7. its trying the unknown

So these are just some of the reasons some people enjoy spending time with Asian crossdressers, i just love watching them and how they interact and how they just love to get to know you and get kinky with you. It always blows my mind how sexy some of these gorgeous girls really are and how much they just enjoy dirty kinky naked fun.

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Now this gorgeous asian crossdresser above is enough to give any guy a hard on and in a particular a guy who just loves this whole cross dressing fetish and when i say i love it i relaly do mean love it. I love watching asian shemales all dressed up teasing and taunting me so much that it just drives me totaly wild. Who could ever refuse a sexy body like this? You would be nuts to pass up on a gorgeous crossdressing tranny like this one. The lingerie is so super sexy and the beautiful curvy figure and sexy look is enough to drive any guy crazy with desire and lust. So before you get cold feet check out the live   webcam chat rooms that are available round the clock should you perhaps want to induldge in a little Asian crossdressing fun and a whole lot more. From porn stars to cam hosts to movie girls to hustlers you will find all you need on this blog.

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Fetish Webcam Chat Live

Fetish Webcam Chat Live

So i had this conversation recently and it is my belief that each and every one of us have some sort of fetish, some of us choose to tell people and some of us hide away in our rooms and seek out live webcam entertainment to fulfill our needs and desires. There is just so many different fetishes out there it can be so hard to try and keep up sometimes from foot fetish to smoking fetish as well as leg fetish and so much more. I think foot fetish is probably the most popular one and if you are into foot fetishes then juct click this site here to see live

Check out this girls hot sexy feet

She has such amazing sexy feet with nice arches, so if you have foot fetish be sure to check out the live webcam chat sites i have listed on this blog . Sometimes you just have to find the right fetish webcam model to fulfill you’re needs and on this blog i have listed nothing but the very best in fetish webcam chat live rooms with some of the most amazing live fetish girls who are waiting right now to carry out what ever fetish you may have an need. So don’t forget to click some of the banners on this blog and see for yourself in the free fetish webcam chat live area and just tell the sexy girl what you are looking for.

Most of the webcam girls will show you their feet to entice you to come into a one to one session so do ask them. I have always found that most of these girls enjoy showing of their sexy feet on webcam and actually they get horny when rubbing them in front of you.

We also have smoking fetish another very popular fetish for those who love to watch a woman take long deep inhales of a ciggerate and blow the smoke towards you as you watch .

Another popular fetish is nails some people just love long nails on a woman and imagine the woman scratching down their backs with these super long nails. If you do enjoy fetish cams and want to check out a site dedicated to fetishes then be sure to check out fetish cams 247- Live webcams

There is just so many fetishes but i will save that for my next post and pages i will add to this site

you Can also visit some of our other sites which offer the very best in online humiliation and degradation. There is just so many amazing sites out there you can be truly spoiled for choice sometimes. We always suggest looking at sites such as our which is offers the ultimate expereince in online fetish training and mistresses who are always in control of you.

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Small Penis Humiliation Live

Small penis humiliation is one of the most popular forms of femdom humiliation there is. For guys with small cocks,it is a turn on to have a gorgeous woman ridicule the size of their manhood.


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Typical hand signal of how a dominant female will ridicule a males manhood

When it comes to female domination most people think of being ties to a cross and whipped. But the reality,as regular blog readers will know by now,is that femdom takes on many forms with countless fetishes within. And one of the most popular is small penis humiliation. This is where a man stands before a woman and she mocks and ridicules the size of his cock and his sexual prowess eg how he can’t satisfy women sexually or suffers from premature ejaculation. Most people will think about this and be shocked. Why would any man want to have the size of his cock insulted? But that is exactly where the turn on lies for guys who like . Because alpha males are so proud of their big cocks (well,what THEY believe to be big or at least tell everyone is big!) and how much sexual stamina they have,it means men who feel inferior to women get turned on by the though that these beautiful women would never want to sleep with them. You may think this would be hard to come across but the truth is there are 100’s of free femdom sites on the internet. There are millions of men who enjoy small penis humiliation as part of their female domination fantasies. They enjoy the thought that a beautiful woman will never sleep with them and that she laughs at their tiny penis. It turns them on to think of her with other “real” men and how they will never be able to have sex with her as she would not want someone with such a tiny cock. And while this may seem weird to some,as long as they are not hurting anyone I for one dont see the problem with it. What turns someone on is none of my or anyone elses business.

Ready for girls to laugh and mock that little willy of yours then make sure you do check out out our live webcam section at

Crossdressing & Feminization

Crossdressing and feminization is something that has been happening from the dawn of time and is heavily incorporated within the femdom and bdsm community.


Crossdressing is something that has been happening almost forever and for something so readily accepted and often found hilarious for purposes such as pantomimes and comedy sketches, for men who feel the urge to dress up as a woman they live in a constant stat of fear. The fear of being exposed as a transvestite. A But why,in a so called new age society,do we find it funny when a comedian dresses up as a woman,for example in mrs browns boys,a comedy on bbc television,yet if someone has an urge inside them to dress in women’s clothing they are mocked as “sick” or “weird”? Some men don’t even know why they want to dress up in female clothes. I have read of one man who said this desire was from when he was younger his two older sisters used to force female clothes on him when their parents went out. This made the desire to be forced into femininity grow in him which he continued to seek in adulthood. But crossdressing comes in a few different forms and stages. This can be as simple as wearing nothing more than a pair of women’s panties and a bra stuffed with socks or suspenders and stockings. But sometimes the need is so strong,so powerful that they need to progress fully into womanhood and will go so far as to wear female wigs and dresses,right down to high heel shoes,full make up and painted toenails. Some men don’t like to admit to enjoying crossdressing and feel guilty and ashamed. That is why its so heavily popular in the bdsm and femdom community,as its easier for the man to get his “kink” for one big reason. Although he requests this from the online mistress or real time dominatrix,he can release himself from the guilt because “she made me do it. I had no choice”. It is that hand over of power to the dominatrix that attracts men to femdom in the first place but for crossdressers it is the ability to place them wishing to dress as a woman in the hands of someone else. Some want to be humiliated because they are dressed as a woman,some want to be treated like a slut and “pimped out” and some just want to dress as a lady and spend some time with another human being while dressed. A properly skilled dominatrix will spend time listening to these men and what they want and adjust the session accordingly. Whatever the reason,being a transvestite or crossdresser is nothing to be ashamed of. We all have kinks in life,every one of us. Its human nature. There really is no reason to be hidden away or ashamed. For goodness sake,you only need to go to  site and see men,or “shemales”,who have undergone surgery to make themselves feminine. This is how far and extreme the world of feminisation delves.

So for all those out there who just love to be feminized are in into the  crossdressing side and want to chat to others who are also into transformations then be sure to check out our site full of advice and information for


Femdom Strapon Training- What for?

Strap on training is a bit part of the fantasy for many submissive men and especially for cross dressers and tv’s. But what do they get out of it?


strapon,strapon training,diloStrap on training is something that baffles all “vanilla” people. “But your not gay. Why would you want a fake penis inserted into you?” is a common question. And strapon2a very popular misconception. But first,what is a strap on? A strap on is a fake penis which a woman(usually,but not always,a female dominant) will wear to penetrate a male(usually,but again not always,a submissive or “slave”) either by having sex with him via his anus or by having him on his knees sucking ie giving a “blowjob”. They vary in size from 5 inches right up to 12 inches and come in a variety of colors. But if your not gay or even bi-sexual,why would you want to indulge in . Well the most popular explanation is the one of power. For most dominant women,it is the feeling of having power over the submissive by penetrating him,rather than the usual sex method of the male penetrating the female. It is a sort of role reversal if you like. And for the submissive male it is much the same idea. Being penetrated via strapon training is giving him the ability to submit fully by being bent over and a dominant woman and penetrated. This is a MASSIVE  role reversal and power transfer and for the submissive male he feels that he has shown his true place in life to his “Mistress” by being her “bitch”. This applies to men in chastity specifically. Having their penis locked inside a plastic cage and not allowed sexual relief or even to become erect for days,weeks or even months at a time is humiliating enough,but to be “forced” to take on a strapon training sex act like a woman while in chastity is an incredibly humbling experience. For crossdressers and transvestites,for them it is the feeling of taking it like a woman,ie being penetrated and this adds to the feminine experience for them. Also being on their knees and giving fellatio to a strap on can be an incredible turn on to crossdressers and make them feel like a real woman,be it sissy or slut. But strapon training is not just for femdom though. It can also be used for straight guys who enjoy sexual relief by massaging of the prostate. The strapon training dildo rubs the prostate and causes the man to ejaculate,or cum,and he gets a heightened orgasm from this experience.  But whatever the reason for wanting strapon training,there are 1000s of women worldwide who enjoy giving it too. You dont need to be gay or bisexual to enjoy strapon fun and games. You just need to be open-minded.

Femdom Humiliation-Why?

Femdom humiliation is a bizarre concept for many people. Why would anyone WANT to be humiliated?


femdom humiliation,public humiliation,online mistress
Public humiliation. extreme,but in some cases men can enjoy this

In this blog I will post different articles about all sorts of different fetishes and femdom activities. Why men like these sorts of thing is not known by me,and probably not by them either and femdom humiliation is right at the top of the list. For almost every single submissive male,a large part of their fantasy involves,at least partly,femdom humiliation. This could range from something as simple as boot worship. It can be very humbling to get on your hands and knees and bow down to kiss the boots of a woman towering over you. It can also take more extreme versions,such as spit swallowing(where the dominatrix spits directly into the subs mouth and he swallows it) to watrsports and scat(where the sub eats and swallows the mistresses toilet). Most real time dommes will not engage in toilet play though. Femdom humiliation stretches way back as far as femdom itself. The need to be humiliated is deep rooted in someones make up. It may stem from being humiliated as a child. For example,if they had strict parents and they were made to stand in a corner,then they have a deep seated desire to revert to the feeling of the humiliation. This is just one of millions of possible reasons as to why a man might feel the need to be humiliated in front of a woman. The exact reason may not atually be known by the man himself. All he knows is he feels submissive and being humiliated by a woman is a desire he has. Femdom humiliation is a popular fetish and one which all mistresses,from online mistress to real time,enjoy as it is so simple. Forcing the submissive male to do lots of humiliating things such as kiss her boots or beg like a dog can be very amusing to watch for a . They enjoy the feeling of power they have over this man,of making him do whatever they want. Femdom humiliation can take many variations and it is incredibly important to talk to the mistress,either in e-mail or free cam chat,and let her know what variation of humiliation he enjoys(enjoys is a bizarre word to use when talking about humiliation but for femdom purposes,you need to be submissive to understand,but enjoys is very apt). for example,a man who wants to be humiliated by being made to list all his sexual failures but does not “enjoy” cross dressing,will not appreciate being told to dress as a woman(or sissy) and like wise a man might enjoy being forced to dress but is genuinly sensitive about his penis size so small penis humiliation instead of cross dressing is a big no no. Humiliation is fine but it needs to be a type that the submissive male wants,otherwise its not femdom humiliation but rather just plain old abuse and bullying

More information on why men like to be humiliated

Femdom. Where To Achieve Your Fantasy

There are so many men out there with no idea about how to satisfy their femdom urges. Looking at pictures or tube site porn videos is usually not enough long term. Femdom needs to be satisfied on a personal basis. As in live 1-to-1. But where do you go?


Its a problem most submissive men face when they finally pluck up the courage to decide to seek out the services of a real life dominatrix. Theyve been looking at pictures and tube site videos for a long time,possibly years,and now can surpress the desire to be dominated by a superior woman no longer. but they dont know where to go. Sometimes the thought of actually visiting a real life woman for domination scares the hell out of them. I know it did for me the first time I decided I wanted to be dominated. I always wondered how these things worked. Eg was she strict from the first moment? There was no information about and I put it off for years. But eventually I decided to use an online mistress as I could talk to her without being in the same room. this may not make a lot of sense but for someone starting out as a submissive,ready to submit and bow down to a woman he does not even know,is an incredibly scary thing. There are a huge number of real time dominatrix’s who will take this control but this can be incredibly dangerous. A femdom dominatrix has to have an incredible knowledge of what she is doing and a great deal of intellegence. Its not as simple as tying someone up and whipping them. There are a large number of danger points where whipping and beating is a no no. For example,the lower back houses the kidneys. Beating this with a whip or cane can cause serious damage to both kidneys. And a flaccid penis and testicles can take a huge amount of abuse. But because femdom turns a lot of men on,they inevitably get an erection. And an erect penis and testicles is very VERY delicate indeed and any abuse to them in this state can cause irreprable damage. So you cant just visit a streetwalker or a brothel and say you want femdom. You run the risk of a woman who has no clue what she is doing and she could do you some pretty serious damage. Now I am not saying that real time femdom is dangerous. If you look for a website by a proper mistress(you can just type “realtime mistress” or “dominatrix in” and your hometown and you will be presented with dozens) and I have no doubt you will find a professional who will fulfill your fantasy. But for novices  I recommend online femdom as it is easier to interact and a lot less scary. I use the services of online Mistresses to fulfill my submissive desires and I am always satisfied after every session. You can use the free cam chat facility to talk to the mistress and they are all approachable and ready to listen. For this,I recommend you try  first to get a feel for the art of being a true submissive.

Femdom. What Is It And How Is It Percieved

Femdom. A word long associated with a miss whiplash tying rich business men and a cross and whipping them. But that image could not be more wrong and with this blog I aim to try and change how people view femdom and the men who submit.


Femdom is short for female domination. The act of,for the most part,a man submitting to a dominant woman. The main image people get is of a woman in leather tying a bespecaled business man to a cross and whipping him during his luch break. This is an outdated and ill advised perception. But first,lets get something out of the way. I am a submissive male. I have an urge within me whereas to see a powerful woman and submit to her and have her in control of my every move is an incredible turn on for me. Does this make me a pervert? Am I weird for wishing to submit to the “weaker” sex? in short,NO. There is nothing weird or perverted about femdom. There are men from all walks of life who enjoy femdom. From taxi drivers and bricklayers to hospital porters and shop assistants,all sorts of men have desires and fantasies of femdom. Even big strong bodybuilders and tough macho men have been known to kiss the feet of a dominatrix. What a lot of people dont realise,or seem unwilling to accept,is that femdom is completely consenual. The male wants to be controlled. He feels the need to give all this power to a woman. For me,and I believe this to be the main reason for a lot of femdom fantasies,women are seen as the weak sex. So to have a woman dominate,take control and be in charge,is the turn on.This could stem from childhood with a dominant mother,or perhaps he had a “crush” on a girl in nursery or primary school and she was mean to him. Whatever the reason,he wants to relinquise this power,this desire,and give control within femdom. And the dominatrix will always know the “clients” limits and will never EVER break them. Femdom places a huge emphasis on trust. The male is helpless and completly at the mercy of this woman. Femdom is a fantasy and he needs to know he can trust this woman. Trust can never be regained once broken with this type of thing. Femdom is kept in the dark recesses of society. Why,I dont know. I see nothing wrong with a desire to submit control to a woman.  No one gets hurt(except me!) and it is all consensual. One other thing to note. Femdom is NOT prostitution. Any dominatrix who offers sexual relief is NOT a real dominatrix. She is an escort trying to use bdsm to gat more clients. A real femdom woman will NEVER allow a slave to have sex with her,or even see her naked. This is a priviledge a lowly slave will never be granted. Femdom is percieved to be the desire of weirdos and perverts but this couldnt be furthe from the truth. It is a fantasy of men the world over and from bottom to top.

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A Femdom Domnatrix Online