Small Penis Humiliation Live

Small penis humiliation is one of the most popular forms of femdom humiliation there is. For guys with small cocks,it is a turn on to have a gorgeous woman ridicule the size of their manhood.


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Typical hand signal of how a dominant female will ridicule a males manhood

When it comes to female domination most people think of being ties to a cross and whipped. But the reality,as regular blog readers will know by now,is that femdom takes on many forms with countless fetishes within. And one of the most popular is small penis humiliation. This is where a man stands before a woman and she mocks and ridicules the size of his cock and his sexual prowess eg how he can’t satisfy women sexually or suffers from premature ejaculation. Most people will think about this and be shocked. Why would any man want to have the size of his cock insulted? But that is exactly where the turn on lies for guys who like . Because alpha males are so proud of their big cocks (well,what THEY believe to be big or at least tell everyone is big!) and how much sexual stamina they have,it means men who feel inferior to women get turned on by the though that these beautiful women would never want to sleep with them. You may think this would be hard to come across but the truth is there are 100’s of free femdom sitesĀ on the internet. There are millions of men who enjoy small penis humiliation as part of their female domination fantasies. They enjoy the thought that a beautiful woman will never sleep with them and that she laughs at their tiny penis. It turns them on to think of her with other “real” men and how they will never be able to have sex with her as she would not want someone with such a tiny cock. And while this may seem weird to some,as long as they are not hurting anyone I for one dont see the problem with it. What turns someone on is none of my or anyone elses business.

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