Femdom. What Is It And How Is It Percieved

Femdom. A word long associated with a miss whiplash tying rich business men and a cross and whipping them. But that image could not be more wrong and with this blog I aim to try and change how people view femdom and the men who submit.


Femdom is short for female domination. The act of,for the most part,a man submitting to a dominant woman. The main image people get is of a woman in leather tying a bespecaled business man to a cross and whipping him during his luch break. This is an outdated and ill advised perception. But first,lets get something out of the way. I am a submissive male. I have an urge within me whereas to see a powerful woman and submit to her and have her in control of my every move is an incredible turn on for me. Does this make me a pervert? Am I weird for wishing to submit to the “weaker” sex? in short,NO. There is nothing weird or perverted about femdom. There are men from all walks of life who enjoy femdom. From taxi drivers and bricklayers to hospital porters and shop assistants,all sorts of men have desires and fantasies of femdom. Even big strong bodybuilders and tough macho men have been known to kiss the feet of a dominatrix. What a lot of people dont realise,or seem unwilling to accept,is that femdom is completely consenual. The male wants to be controlled. He feels the need to give all this power to a woman. For me,and I believe this to be the main reason for a lot of femdom fantasies,women are seen as the weak sex. So to have a woman dominate,take control and be in charge,is the turn on.This could stem from childhood with a dominant mother,or perhaps he had a “crush” on a girl in nursery or primary school and she was mean to him. Whatever the reason,he wants to relinquise this power,this desire,and give control within femdom. And the dominatrix will always know the “clients” limits and will never EVER break them. Femdom places a huge emphasis on trust. The male is helpless and completly at the mercy of this woman. Femdom is a fantasy and he needs to know he can trust this woman. Trust can never be regained once broken with this type of thing. Femdom is kept in the dark recesses of society. Why,I dont know. I see nothing wrong with a desire to submit control to a woman.  No one gets hurt(except me!) and it is all consensual. One other thing to note. Femdom is NOT prostitution. Any dominatrix who offers sexual relief is NOT a real dominatrix. She is an escort trying to use bdsm to gat more clients. A real femdom woman will NEVER allow a slave to have sex with her,or even see her naked. This is a priviledge a lowly slave will never be granted. Femdom is percieved to be the desire of weirdos and perverts but this couldnt be furthe from the truth. It is a fantasy of men the world over and from bottom to top.

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